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S8Star Malaysia Online Casino offers world-class premium Live Casino Gaming internet software that is coated with enough local flavor to panic - that's cool! We offer more than 200 Online Casino Games, which includes all table favorites and includes a variety of leading themed Slots. Customers are guaranteed to enjoy a fun and satisfying casino game every time they visit S8Star Casino.

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S8star Android is the most widely used online slot machine for mobile games in Malaysia in 2018. This game is easy to download, install and configure on an Android smartphone.

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S8star PC is the most popular online PC gaming slot machine in Malaysia in 2018. It can be easily downloaded, installed and configured on PC / Laptop.

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🎉How to contact our customer service?

Customer service is ready in 24 hours generally, they will threaten you well here. 24/7 uninterrupted service, the immediate goal is to increase customer satisfaction and meet their needs. Customers are our first priority. Any requests regarding withdrawals, you can contact us via Live Chat, Telegram, Whatsapp or WeChat. Find them for any problem.

Telegram: live22group   Wechat: Group22Live 

 Whatsapp: +6282350042265  FB:  live22grouponline 


🎃What is online S8Star Casino?

S8Star Casino is a trusted platform which has various certification from other third parties agencies. They recommended S8Star as the most secure and low-risk betting in any games in S8Star Casino. Many feature games players can taking experience in S8Star Casino platform such as Highway Kings, Blackjack Live, Golden Tour etc. 


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🎳How to put your money into your game credit?

As always, your first deposit in cash is credited to your game account by contacting customer service. Your next deposit will be the same, first to contact inform the customer, and continue to perform the transfer action. Players need to submit payslip or screenshot in web and prove. After our customer service has done checking, then the game credit will automatically credit into player's account. 


☀Where can I get a demo account?

Contact our customer service, stating that you need a demo account to play S8star Casino.