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In 2005, Gamesofa created the popular miniworld social networking site. In 2008, Gamesofa pioneered the use of the latest network technology and special R&D and expert marketing strategies to enable the company to expand its business to the gaming market, enabling the development of 20 platforms on various platforms including Android, Android and iOS. Franchising, which strengthens Gamesofa's reputation as a leading game development company in Taiwan.

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Gamesofa's motto "Five Minutes of Fun" reflects the company's core philosophy of providing a fun and relaxing multi-player experience. With the birth of "Godgame Mahjong", Gamesofa managed to bring the first online mahjong game to Taiwan. Gamesofa has achieved success with the world's first browser-based 3D shooting game, Guns Rush. Recently, Gamesofa has gone international, penetrated the markets of Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, launched the Texas Hold'em application localized in Indian Patty teens, "and Russian 3D tank battle games," hit the tank. "Overall, Gamesofa has a global user base with 50 million registered players and more than 2 million daily active users. Gamesofa's vision is to provide products that will make your day a better place by offering players who are relaxed and fun and competitive. Energetic, winning rounds of competition can make your happiness double. When you feel stressed, the pleasure of a friendly match can make you smile. Gamesofa is not only to get customers, but to establish lifelong friendships, so Gamesofa products allow users to play games without pressure anytime, anywhere. Instead of spending hours on the screen, our games provide players with the ways needed to relax while giving more time to friends, family, and their loved ones.



💋How to go contact customer service for more info?

24/7 customer support below the contact information:

Telegram:  live22group   Wechat:  Group22Live 

Whatsapp:  +6282350042265  Facebook:  live22grouponline 


🤗What is Luxy Poker?

Random Number Generator (RNG) Gamesofa Inc. certified by iTech Labs, an independent testing laboratory for online gaming systems, and after rigorous testing confirmed valid to guarantee statistical randomness, uncertainty and non-repeatability with full compliance with testing standards.

Luxy Poker provides online services that include the sale of virtual goods and currencies. Please pay attention to how much time you spend playing and be careful not to become addicted.
1. This product is intended for use by those aged 18 years and over.
2. The coins in this game cannot be exchanged for real money, items or other valuables.
3. The user's performance in this application is no indication of the user's performance or skill in real gambling.


🎨Can play with smartphone devices? 

Without a doubt. Players are applicable to play with smartphone devices, whatever device as long as it has touchscreen and "Browser" application system (Google Browser or device Safari or Opera Mini). 


🎳How to deposit your money into your account?

As always, your first deposit in cash is credited to your game account by contacting customer service. Your next deposit will be the same, first to contact inform the customer, and continue to perform the transfer action.


☀Where and when can I get a demo account?

Contact our customer service, asking for demo account in Luxy Poker. They will do full assistant on you and provide good service.