In order to win in the normal game, the payline needs to be filled with 3 matching symbols, although the wild dragon works differently. Extend 3 lines horizontally from left to right and 2 lines horizontally from the left with a payline indicator to help the rotator view the position of each line.


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There is also a bet range starting from 1.00 per spin, which may be a bit high for people with limited budgets, so maybe some practice spins through the free Fulai video slot, most casino features are worth considering. Although like all GamingSoft online casino slot machines, its player returns are high, but it plays fairly well.



The purpose of this round is to click on the lucky coins arranged in 3 lines 4. Once you find 3 identical jackpots, you can get a certain percentage of the bonus, depending on the size of the bet. In the minimum bet, 10% of any jackpot is awarded, and only at the maximum bet, the winner can be 100% cashed.

If you want to get results, you can choose to speed up the reels or set them yourself in any number of rotations. The way to win the jackpot is different in every game. In the case of the Fairy Moon Goddess video slot, you will see the white rabbits in the cloud, click on each one and reveal any of the 4 values. Once 3 identical prizes are found, the percentage of the prize for the corresponding prize depends on the amount of the bet that triggered the bet.



Turning on the odds table to show the high card symbol will return a smaller victory. Each piece is in Chinese style and decorated with items such as lotus, paper fan or lantern, so GamingSoft provides players with traditional low-value icons, but redesigns them to suit the overall theme and style.

Those golden icons are not only worth looking for their face value, but also because they act as wild icons that can replace any standard paying symbol to complete the winning form. When the three gods appear on the reels, the player will get a little wild boost, and each character will have a different wild reward. Fu Xing will grant random wildness, Lu Xing will turn the entire reel into the wild, and Shou Xing will turn a random symbol on the reel into the wild.





By rotating these free gods of the Three Gods, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating ancient Chinese religious world. The game is set in a sublime and beautiful paradise environment with various icons related to the gods. This includes an academic scroll, a large number of gold ingots and a gorgeous gourd containing life medicine.