When you play Sbobet Live Blackjack, you will have the opportunity to configure and adjust your interface to suit your playback preferences. The interface provides player chat, and you can chat with the dealer while playing the game. If you are interested in live matches but are not looking for a chat, you have the opportunity to close other players' chats.





You can also adjust the video quality by changing the settings from Auto to Low, Medium, High or HD. For this configuration, it's a good idea to keep the settings in Auto because it adjusts the quality based on your connection speed. If you choose to play in the low position, you will get the dealer's classic interface and computer generated images of the desktop. The game also lets you control the volume so you can adjust the sound of the game or the dealer's voice. When you are on the side, you have the ability to decide if you want other players to bet behind you. If you like the Bet Behind feature, you can choose the software to react when the front player splits or doubles. It means you can choose whether to follow his lead.