You can sneak into the underwater reel by pressing the play button and getting a bonus by winning a combination, which appears on 25 active paylines. All winning combinations are paid from left to right and paid according to the payment form. You have the opportunity to change the amount and value of coins to make this game perfect for you. This is important because both of these options determine your total bet. More importantly, if you like risk, try the Max Bet feature.




Wild cards replace any symbols on the winning line, except for spreads, jackpots and bonuses. If Wild is part of several winning combinations, he will choose the most winning combination. Get 3, 4 or 5 scatters anywhere on the screen, receive 10, 15 and 20 free rounds respectively. You can play a free spin as you wish. Bonus games are started by 3 or more bonus icons on the winning line. You have to find 10 pearls and win big prizes. In addition, there are pearls, starfish, dolphins, hippocampus and other symbols. You can win 2 to 2,500 coins and there are 3-5 on the winning line.

When playing slot games, you usually limit your bets to gambling addiction. Reel Time Gaming takes this problem very seriously. In the eyes of Horus, minimum bets are 1 cent per line and up to 2 euros per line. This means that if you play all the lines at the top level, you can place up to 20 Euros in the game.




In the case of roll symbols, the Eye of Horus payment table can be divided into two different categories according to the size of the cash prize. Jack, Queen, King and Ace are the lowest paid symbols in the game. They will often appear on the screen, giving you the chance to win several coins several times. For more attractive prizes, please note the various Egyptian symbols on the scroll. Palm trees, crosses, beetles, eagles, and wolves If you successfully line up on activated paylines, they are highly valued. Eye of Horus is at the top of the list and is the most valuable idol. For bigger wins, you can always use special symbols.

The minimum payment comes from the 9th icon, which pays 2 to 100 times the payline bet, depending on how much it falls on the payline. The most valuable playing card symbol is A, which returns a maximum of 125 line bets, while the image symbol of the subject pays the highest prize.




Each of these classic images is highlighted in gold, giving extra little flash rolls. When an ankis is three, four or five rolls, the ankh pays 10 times, 50 times or 250 times each row, while the Anubis dog head returns 10 times, 75 times and 250 times. The Queen of Egypt statue is up to 400 times higher, and the symbol of bends and sticks and the value of Pharaoh's mask are 750 times. It is possible to re-trigger up to 180 free games with bonus rotation, but don't expect this to happen often, because you have to be lucky enough to repeat it twelve times. Train slot machines are ideal for high rollers because the maximum bets can reach thousands. Ordinary gamblers will find that only 0.20 is needed to activate all paylines. Only one, five, ten or fifteen lines can be played, which bets almost endless betting choices.

This slot machine has 5 fixed telephone lines, which means that each payment channel rotates every time, in the most winning way every time. You cannot change the size of your coins in this slot, which is a surprise to most gamers. In Burn Dice, you can choose from several settings bets that are accessed in the game menu in the upper left corner. From here you can choose to play every time, 5.00, 10.00, 25.00, 40.00 or 50.00.




This slot machine game has a special jackpot round that can be triggered randomly at any time. In this round, players can choose from 12 closed cards. There are 4 potential jackpot levels, each of which corresponds to one of the 4 card sets. After you find 3 matching cards, you will win the jackpot that matches the symbol. The jackpot goes from the lowest level club to the diamond, then to the heart, and finally to the highest prize level.

That night was an invitation to enjoy good times, a bar and one or two drinks along the way. The game's design itself is quite simple, with a uniform purple background on the back. This symbol shows a beautiful and very pleasant minimalist design. The scroll itself rotates with blinding speed, accompanied by retro sound effects that help create a fast and dynamic betting atmosphere.




Therefore, the first set of symbols contains a variety of delicious cocktails based on New Zealand, pears, oranges, strawberries, and pineapple. Gifts may not always be so good, but these fruit mixes often appear on rolls, giving you more opportunities to combine them for long periods of time. The second part of the menu introduces three beautiful young women, brunettes, red and blonde hair. Now, cash prizes are getting more attractive, but these three beautiful women are quite elusive, and you need a little extra luck to win five combinations with them.