It gives players the opportunity to travel with Monkey King and win a lot of money in the process. Not many professional adventurers, so Sun Wukong has made some special achievements in graphics, long before we get the most important payment form. The icons in the compensation form are: Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace, Horse, Peach, a Bearded Soldier, a Pig Man (No, really, there is a pig in this game - we are not kidding ), an emperor and the omnipotent Sun Wukong himself - it doubles as a symbol of wildness.





This is a selection of items for exciting games, and most importantly, they are displayed in a professional and stylish way to ensure the taste of the player. Playtech has done a great job designing this game.

The lower the victory in the free spin feature, the higher the multiplier you will get. For example, if you happen to not win during the free spin, it will still be a win-win for you, because 100X your bet will be given to you. Other win-win multipliers include a 2x bet between betting 5X and 10X, 3X your bet between 2X and 5X, and 8X your free spin winning value between 0 and 2 times.





The farmer’s and the farmer’s wife are also the highest-paid symbols. The jackpot can also be won randomly after any rotation, win or loss. Twister only appears on reel 3, when it appears, it expands to cover the entire reel, and all the wins brought by the Twister alternative are tripled.

The bright green on a dark blue-green background makes the pitcher effortless into the tropical environment. More importantly, because the icon depicts the palace and a beautiful lady, there is still a charm - at least we think this is a lady from the avatar.





In other words, there are a lot of online casino games that promise to take you to heaven, from NetEnt's Tai Chi beautiful Tiki Wonders to Betixon's wild wonder Safari Dreams - a 243-way slot machine that offers lucky players a jackpot reward to share their share.

Activate it to make the same bet in several consecutive rotations and speed up the entire game. All automatic game wins will be added to your personal credit history. The three kingdoms insist on a very simple payment form with almost no reel symbols and relatively modest rewards. We will give some examples from the perspective of a credit bet on the reel.




While this does make the overall look of the game a bit monotonous, it does help to bring the rotator back to a completely different world. If you want to play all 20 paylines and $100 line bets, you will play the maximum bet of 2,000 game points.




The symbol itself is also presented in a visually interesting way to showcase the trademark stone of the era. There are daggers made of ochre, bows, arrows and axes, and necklaces made of teeth from some fierce prehistoric beasts. You'll also find some of the earliest examples of human art and culture, including some cave paintings - one to show hunters and the other to show a running horse.