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There are 8 symbols in Joker's Jewels, each of which has been carefully designed. The lowest-income symbols are three sparkling jewels; a mysterious pearl, a sparkling diamond and a shiny ruby. The next three symbols are devices without clowns; a pair of pompom embroidered booties, a series of three juggling clubs in red, orange and blue, and a beautiful pimple for clowns.





You might think that five paylines mean little chance of winning, especially when there are 243 paylines or more games. However, Joker's Jewels has a theoretical RTP of 96.5%, which gives you a great opportunity to win some bonuses. The lowest prize in the game is only 2 of the pearls, and winning the prize is equal to any bonus you bet. Any other victory will give you a meager profit. More importantly, the Bonus Crown wins no matter where on the payline. This obviously means that you may end up winning a victory, and you are not expecting one or a small add-on to win a bigger victory.

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